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Testing Ai Video generators with our hero submarine Vesikko

I made an interesting test to better understand current AI Video generating tools. As my hobby of reading more about our war history I have made the following test

  1.  I asked Microsoft Copilot AI and Google Gemini AI to explain me the content of the picture I gave them, which was picture of Vesikko Finnish hero Submarine
  2. I asked Microsoft 365 Copilot to create short history of Vesikko submarine.
  3. I have made a review from Google Gemini and Claude AI to review the history from 365 Copilot.
  4. I have asked Finnish War Museum specialist Miika to review and correct the history of Vesikko given by Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  5. I asked four free or trial version of AI video generators to create the video of this Vesikko submarine history.
  6. I have edited shortly these video clips with Filmora video editor dropping some original pictures and video clips from our war museum in Suomenlinna Helsinki


  1. Both Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini noticed the picture correctly as Submarine Vesikko
  2. Copilot 365 made some small errors in the history story; these errors were some dates and some combination of history statistic. Google Gemini and Claude AI reviews made some new errors and even some extra hallucinations.
  3. Finnish war museum specialist Miika corrected all errors in the history story


  • Video AI Generators created different styles of videos based on corrected history. The tools I have used are all free ware or trial versions and therefore I could not use all the nice editing features and had limited video creation time.
  • You can quite well trust the picture content answer received from AI. Just take the picture and ask Ai what is there in this picture.
  • You need to review the AI answers from the original source of the data and try to check the answer from the expert if possible. Please do not trust AI answers, not even the combination of different AI tool answers.
  • You can quite easily create basic video stories with AI. The paid version of those will have more features and better editing capabilities.
  • There will be new great innovations of new AI tools helping us create impressive video stories as well the AI generated answers will be more accurate in near future.

here some Finnish war museum and other documents from Submarine Vesikko

The AI tools I have used in this test:

o  Microsoft 365 Copilot (paid version)
o  Google Gemini Advanced (paid version)
o  Pictory AI (trial version)
o  Invideo AI (trial version)
o  Lumen 5 AI (trial version)
o  AI video (trial version)
·        Video editor Filmora (paid version)