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We help your business to take the next step.

Management Consulting

We are ready to help your business to bloom and solve the problems you may have on your organisation. We can make long term or short term plans conserning your strategy, structure, management or operations. Aidasweat has long experience on management consulting.

Sales Consulting

Aidasweat has years of knowledge on sales. We can help your business to grow by increasing the sales of your company.


Aidasweat is also an investment company and we're always looking for business opportunities.

Large partner network

AidaSweat has a large partner network and knowledge how to get most of it.

Why to partner with AidaSweat?

  • Experienced

    Years of experience on management and sales consulting

  • Partner knowledge

    We have the contacts you need to find the best partners.

  • Sales knowledge

    If you wan’t boost your sales in homeland and abroad, we have the experience and know how for it.

Our Work

Numerot ensin- Numbers first

Numerot ensin- Numbers first

Numero ensin- Numbers first is a video blog. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNffvXX6Rd1TA6IzomgnwA

jNetX Acquired by Amdocs

jNetX Acquired by Amdocs

jNetX delivers a Telecom Application Server for SIP and NGIN applications.

Distocraft Acquired by Ericsson

Distocraft Acquired by Ericsson

Distocraft Ltd is an independent software vendor, which provides products and solutions that improve network and service performance and quality for network operators. The company was founded in 1999 and it has operations in Helsinki and Lahti.

Tail-F Acquired by Cisco

Tail-F Acquired by Cisco

Tail-f is a first mover and leader in the emerging Network Service Orchestration space. Tail-f’s solutions are equally applicable for today’s network problems, such as layer 2 or layer 3 VPN provisioning, and next-generation networking based on NFV and SDN technologies. Tail-F was acquired by Cisco 2014.

Accanto Systems

Accanto Systems

ACCANTO TRANSITION STRATOSS™ LIFECYCLE MANAGER BUSINESS TO IBM Helsinki, Finland, 1st April 2020, Accanto, a leader in extreme automation for cloud network services is pleased to announce that it has transitioned the company’s sales and service for the Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager product to IBM (NYSE: IBM) . Stratoss™ Lifecycle Manager is a cloud native product, designed to deliver web-scale levels of operational automation for the cloud-based networking world.

Movial Applications Acquired by Broadsoft

Movial Applications Acquired by Broadsoft

Movial Applications designs and develops state-of-the-art user interfaces (UIs) and multimedia sharing applications that are optimized for a wide range of communications devices and IP-based communications applications.

Fastrax Ltd. Acquired by U-BLOX

Fastrax Ltd. Acquired by U-BLOX

We are a globally leading Swiss technology company with presence in 15 countries on 4 continents. Our expertise: embedded wireless communications and positioning for industrial, automotive and consumer applications.

Digital Route

Digital Route

Founded in 2000 in Stockholm, DigitalRoute is an ISV delivering market leading mediation and data integration solutions.

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Our Team

Riikka Heinonen

Riikka Heinonen Secretary

Sales and support consultant of AidaSweat

Riku Heinonen

Riku Heinonen IT and education consultant

IT and education consultant of AidaSweat

Jorma Heinonen

Jorma Heinonen CEO

Jorma Heinonen is currently a Director at Accanto Systems and is a member of the Board. He is an active and established ICT executive with over 25 years of industry experience. In the past, he was Chairman of the Board at LTE Innovations as well as a Board member at Movial Applications, Fastrax in Finland and Digital Route in Sweden. He has also held executive positions in Distocraft, Netseal, Jertec and Digital. At Comptel, he was Senior Executive VP over Worldwide Sales and recruited a large partner network with over 180 global operators as customers, leading to an IPO in 1999 with a very high valuation. jorma.heinonen@aidasweat.com +358503590580

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